Thursday, 8 December 2016

GBP/USD exchange rate climbing again.

The pound has started to recover some of the ground it lost against the dollar, with the GBP/USD cross rising around a cent since yesterday afternoon.


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Sterling dropped across the board yesterday after parliament agreed to keep to Theresa May's Brexit timetable and weaker than forecast UK industrial production figures. However, after falling back to $1.2572 the GBP/USD cross is in touching distance of breaking the $1.27 barrier once again, with the pair currently trading at $1.2690.

GBP/USD graph.

Despite losing ground yesterday, the pound is still around 4.5 per cent up against the dollar since the beginning of November. With the Supreme Court ruling set for the start of 2017 and the UK government still to trigger Article 50, I am sure the pound will come back under pressure before to long, and could easily see sterling give up the gains it has made over the past six weeks.

Looking at the gains in monetary terms, converting £300,000 today will see you receive around $16,000 more compared to the same trade on the 1st November, and in my opinion represents an excellent opportunity for those of you looking at purchasing dollars in the next few weeks.

How can I take advantage of the recent gains?

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